2014 Telescope Awards

Telescope of the Year Awards

TelescopesPlus.com welcomes you back to our annual Telescope of the Year Awards. Throughout each year, we continually explore telescopes from the top-rated manufacturers in the world to find our favorites. These awards are the result - we present the best of the best, and the right telescopes for you and your hobby. Whether you're on an astronomical or terrestrial budget, there's something out there that'll open your eyes.

We continually work with the makers to put each telescope through a series of tests to decide the winners. We assemble and study them closely in our building and take them home and out to star parties for testing. We observe their construction and features closely and enjoy looking through them very far. Our experts rate their performance in a variety of situations with our customers in mind. We've defined 7 categories of telescope that our viewers vie for and awarded the best of each. It's been quite an adventurous year … read on to find out why!