Celestron 5" Omni XLT Schmidt-Cassegrain OTA - 11084-OTA

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  • Easy no tool set up
  • StarBrite XLT optical coatings
  • Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope design
  • Hand-selected lenses and mirrors use only the finest glass
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  • Description

    The Celestron 5" Omni XLT Schmidt-Cassegrain OTA is discontinued, and we are out of stock.

    Celestron 5" Omni XLT Schmidt-Cassegrain OTA

    What versatile telescope! With Celestron's 5" Omni XLT Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope posted on a camera tripod or other lightweight alt-azimuth mount, you'll enjoy the ultimate in portability. Make it your travel telescope for astronomy, or add an erect image diagonal and turn the 127 SCT into an amazing spotting scope for daytime use. Add a simple camera adapter and DSLR camera and do photography (daytime or nighttime) by using the scope as a 1250mm, f/9.84 lens! If you want to use this telescope for night-time observing, then mount it on an equatorial mount so that it can track the movements of the stars...and if you choose a GoTo model, your telescope will find objects for you with the click of a button.


    About Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescopes


    Celestron’s excellent Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes are compact and portable and represent the best all-purpose design for a wide variety of uses from terrestrial and deep sky viewing to astrophotography.

    Catadioptrics use a combination of mirrors and lenses to "fold" (reflect) the light path and form an image. In a Schmidt-Cassegrain, the light enters through a thin aspheric Schmidt correcting lens. It then strikes the spherical primary mirror. It is reflected back up the tube and intercepted by a small secondary mirror which reflects the light out an opening in the rear of the instrument where the image is formed at the eyepiece.

    Catadioptrics are the most popular and most modern type of telescope optical design and are marketed throughout the world in 3.5" and larger apertures. Catadioptric telescopes combine the practical advantages of lenses and mirrors while eliminating their disadvantages. They offer the clarity and contrast of refractors with the low aberration of reflectors. Catadioptrics have an average focal ratio of f/10, which is wide enough for all types of photography. They are also easier to maintain because all optical elements are solidly mounted and rigidly collimated. Catadioptric telescopes provide the best possible combination of light gathering power, long focal length, portability, and affordability.


    Schmidt-Cassegrain Advantages


    • Very versatile, best all-purpose telescope design
    • Combines the optical advantages of both lenses and mirrors while eliminating their disadvantages
    • Excellent optics and razor sharp images over a wide field
    • Excellent for deep sky observing and astrophotography as well as terrestrial viewing
    • Very good for lunar, planetary and binary star observing
    • Focal ratio generally around f/10, it also has the best near focus capability of any type of telescope
    • Closed tube design reduces image-degrading air currents
    • Extremely compact and portable
    • Easy to use, durable and virtually maintenance free
    • Large apertures at reasonable cost and less expensive than equivalent aperture refractors
    • More accessories available than with other types of telescopes


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    What's Included

    • Celestron 127 mm Omni XLT Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope OTA

    • 25 mm Multi-Coated Eyepiece

    • 1.25" Star Diagonal

    • 6x30 Finderscope

  • Dimensions & Specifications

    • Telescope Series: Celestron Omni XLT

    • Telescope Optical Design: Schmidt-Cassegrain

    • Telescope Aperture: 5"

    • Telescope Focal Ratio: f/9.84

    • Telescope Focal Length: 1250 mm

    • Optical Coatings: StarBright XLT Coatings

    • Limiting Stellar Magnitude: 13

    • Lowest Useful Magnification: 18x

    • Highest Useful Magnification: 300x

    • Light-Gathering Power Compared to Human Eye: 329x

    • Diagonal Included: Yes - 1.25" Star Diagonal

    • Telescope Eyepiece(s) Included: Yes - 1 Eyepiece Included

    • Finder Included: Yes - 6 x 30 Finder Included

    • Focuser Style: Internal Moving Primary

    • Focuser Size: Internal Focuser with 1.25" Rear Cell Adapter

    • Focuser Speed" Single Speed

    • Telescope Mount Type: No Mount - OTA Only

    • Telescope OTA Length: 11"

    • Telescope OTA Weight: 6.5 lbs


    Download Celestron Omni XLT Telescopes User Manual
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