Meade #3200 Lunar & Planetary Telescope Color Filter Set

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  • Improve moon and planet observation
  • Enhanced resolution and reduced glare
  • Blue, red, yellow, and neutral filters
  • Includes storage case
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    Meade's lunar and planetary color filters will increase your enjoyment of the Solar System!
    Optical glass color filters increase image contrast and resolution on the Moon and planets, and reduce glare from the full or near-full Moon. The Meade filter set includes red, yellow, blue, and neutral-density filters to adapt your telescope to most viewing conditions. Each filter threads into the barrels of all Meade MA-, PL-, and WA-series eyepieces and is packed in a separate plastic case for secure storage.
    Broaden the range of your telescope with Meade Lunar and Planetary filters!


    Meade Series 4000 #3200 Lunar And Planetary Color Filter Set #07544. Meade Series 4000 Color Filters permit observation and photography of planetary surface detail that is often virtually invisible without filtration.. Choose the filter or filter set that best meet your needs and see what you have been missing! Use filters individually or stacked to achieve selective filtration of the visual color spectrum.


    Manufactured from the finest optical glass, each filter has its color spectrum dyed into the glass instead of being done with inferior color coatings. All filters are anti-reflection coated on both sides of the glass for the highest performance and are threaded for and compatible with all Meade Series 4000 and Series 5000 eyepieces.


    Color filters are considered by many to be an essential "must have" for observing and imaging the Moon and planets. The Model 3200 Lunar and Planetary Filter Set includes the following filters:


    #25A Red (14% Transmission) - for sharp contrast in Jupiter's cloud belts, helps define polar caps and maria on Mars. Best for larger telescopes due to restricted transmission.


    #12 Yellow (74% Transmission) - this filter adds contrast to blues, enhances reds and yellows on Jupiter and Saturn, and increases contrast on Mars and on the Moon


    #80A Blue (30% Transmission) - this is a popular filter for enhancing spiral features in Jupiter's cloud belt including the Red Spot and adding contrast to Saturn and the Moon.


    Moon Filter ND96 (13% transmission) - reduces glare when observing the Moon.


    Product carries full one year Meade factory limited warranty.

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Customer Q&A

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  • Q1: Can this be fitted on the Meade 114EQ?

    A: Yes, the filters in the Meade #3200 Lunar & Planetary Color Filter Set can be used with the Meade 114EQ telescope. The filters thread onto the eyepieces.

  • Q2: I have a Celestron Casegrain 8\ 1 1/4. Can I use the Meade #3200 Lunar & Planetary Color Filter Set filter ?"

    A: Yes, you can use the Meade #3200 set with any telescope having a 1.25-inch format.

  • Q3: I have the beginners Telestar 60AZ-A. 1.Will these filters fit the 60AZ-A? 2.Are these filters narrowband, or nebula filters? The text Im reading says that narrowband, or nebula filters are a better choice for viewing emission nebulas. Thanks, Chris

    A: The #3200 Lunar & Planetary Filter Set is primary for viewing the Moon and planets. The filters will fit just about any 1.25-inch eyepiece, including those in your Telestar. As your text indicates, narrowband, nebular filters are the best ones for viewing emission nebulae. Here's the URL for a narrowband nebular filter that eliminates most artificial light; just paste it into your browser's address window to see the filter:

  • Q4: I live in a small urban area, but with some light polution. I was wondering what type of filter to get. Thank you very much.

    A: We recommend the Celestron UHC/LPR filter. It blocks wavelengths of artificial light, leaving you with an ultra high-contrast image. Here's the URL; just paste it into your browser's address window:

  • Q5: what are the Wratten numbers for these filters? Thanks!

    A: Meade does not list Wratten numbers for these filters. However, the Wratten number for light red is #23A, light yellow is #12 and light blue is #82A. Neutral-Density is 96-0.9.

  • Q6: Wiil this set work with series 5000 eyepieces

    A: Yes, the #3200 Lunar & Planetary Color Filter Set will work just fine with Series 5000 eyepieces.

  • Q7: Will this filter set work on my Meade ETX-125 eyepieces?

    A: Yes, Those filters are the standard 1-1/4 inch format, just like your eyepieces on your Meade ETX. They will thread onto the eyepiece perfectly.

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