Meade 6 Inch LS Telescope with LightSwitch Technology - 0610-03-10

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  • Simply flip the switch and watch it align itself!
  • ACF Advanced Coma Free or SC Schmidt-Cassegrain Optics
  • Heavy-Duty Adjustable Tripod
  • GPS Built In
  • Using a telescope does not get any easier than this
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  • Description

    Meade 6 Inch ETX-LS Telescope with LightSwitch Technology Features

    The revolutionary LS astronomical telescope features the most advanced electronics and optics ever applied to a consumer telescope.  Meade is producing the easiest-to-use, most entertaining, educational, high-performance telescope on the market by combining LightSwitch Technology, a choice of Advanced Coma Free Optics (ACF) or SC Schmidt-Cassegrain Optics, Astronomer Inside multimedia output and a completely new mechanical design into the Meade 6 Inch ETX-LS Telescope with LightSwitch Technology.


    LightSwitch Technology

    Alignment system for completely hands free alignment.  Using the Integrated Sensor Module and the bult-in ECLIPS CCD imager on the telescope tube, our LightSwitch Technology allows the telescope to completely align itself with the sky without any input from the user.  The user simply flips the LightSwitch on and the telescope finds its location, time, date, north, level then locates and centers the alignment stars for perfect alignment every time without user input.


    Single arm fork Altitude-Azimuth (Alt-Az) mount

    • Rigid structure with large precision roller bearings on both axis designed to carry large OTA's
    • Precision worm gear drives with 4.875" main gears in both axis for smooth and accurate tracking and slewing
    • Long fork arm length to allow clearance with the base for most cameras
    • Runs on 8 internal "C" cell batteries for portable field operation
    • Hand control holder built into base
    • Off-On LightSwitch
    • USB and other ports for accessory equipment
    • Heavy-duty stable tripod with quick attachment of the mount


    6" ACF or SC optical tube assembly (OTA)

      • Choice of either Advanced Coma-Free optical system for performance that only professionals or extreme amateurs have had or value saving SC Schmidt-Cassegrain Optics, both in a 6" clear aperture with 1524mm focal length for an f/10 system.
      • Standard SC threaded back cell that accepts most existing accessories designed for all Schmidt-Cassegrain models over the last 30 years.
      • Integrated Sensor Module (ISM) with GPS and Level North Technologies (LNT)
      • Electronically Controlled Locate Identify Position System (ECLIPS) CCD Imaging module

    Multimedia Output

        • Professionally produced audio and video content for hundreds of objects and custom guided tours designed for your location, time and date.
        • Multimedia presentations feature the voices of Sandy Woods of "Star Date" astronomy radio program and George Woods, Hollywood actor and the voice on many productions.
        • Built-in speaker in drive base and audio jack for audio instructions and object descriptions
        • Video out for video presentations and images of many objects, instant display of images from the ECLIPS imager and easy on-screen menu navigation


    AutoStar III hand controller

    Easily control telescope for automatic location of objects, tours and many other features.  Approximately 100,000 objects in database


    ECLIPS CCD Imager

        • Essential part of the LightSwitch alignment system 


    New Electronics

      • Full USB support for accessories like additional DSI CCD cameras
      • Mini SD slot for easy software upgrades and storing your astrophotography


    Supplier SKU 1610-03-12 LS 6 SC (f/10) Schmidt-Cassegrain w/UHTC

    Supplier SKU 1610-03-10 LS 6 ACF (f/10) Advanced Coma-Free w/UHTC 

    Supplier SKU


  • Dimensions & Specifications

    Model Type

    ACF Advanced Coma Free Optics



    Battery Life

    3-5 Hours

    Battery Type

    8 C Batteries



    Eyepiece 1

    26mm (58x)


    Alt-AZ Mount


    Red-Dot Finder

    Focal Length


    Focal Ratio






    Lens Coating


    Mount Design


    Object Database

    100000 objects

    Objective Lens Size Code


    Optical Design

    Advanced Coma Free

    Recommended Usage

    Viewing Nebulae
    Viewing the Planets
    Viewing the Moon
    Viewing Galaxies/Star Clusters

    Star Diagonal

    1.25 diagonal prism

    Telescopes Series

    Meade ETX-LS LightSwitch Telescopes

    User Level

    For the Enthusiast
    For the Beginner


    37 lbs.


    UHTC Optical Coating


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