QHYCCD 695A Monochrome CCD Camera with 7-Position Color Filter Wheel for 36mm Unmounted Filters - QHY695A-7FW

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  • By incorporating Sony's ICX695 ExView II CCD sensor with its low readout and thermal noise, this QHY695A Monochrome CCD Camera enjoys ultra high sensitivity and clear image results time after time
  • The 6 MP Sony ICX695 has an effective pixel array of 2758 x 2208 with 4.54 µm square pixels
  • The QHY695A comes with a built-in color filter wheel that holds carousels for seven 36mm unmounted filters
  • An internal USB 2.0 hub with two ports as well as a USB to dual RS232 converter is provided for more convenient cable management
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  • Description

    QHY695A Monochrome CCD Camera


    The QHY695A camera employs the Sony ICX695 ExView II CCD sensor with ultra high sensitivity. This sensor features a QE near 80% and readout noise is as few as 4 electrons. As a result of its two stage thermoelectric cooling and remarkably low thermal noise, the QHY695A is capable of proving consistently clear images. This camera also includes a built-in filter wheel that accommodates either seven 36 mm unmounted color filters, or eight 1.25" color filters. You can supply the filter wheel with LRGB, Hα, OIII, and SII filters simultaneously. In comparison with a five or six filter disk, this system makes LRGB and narrowband imaging a lot easier. Even though the ICX695 sensor has an electric shutter, the QHY695A nevertheless has a mechanical shutter installed for instantly capturing dark frames. This camera can be used for some interesting applications, such as covering the light when guide error is too large to prevent star drift during lengthy exposures.


    Sony ICX695 CCD

    The Sony ExView II sensor is noted for its low readout and thermal noise, as well as high QE. Pixel size is 4.54 µm with a total of 6 mp.


    Fully Integrated "A" Series Camera

    As a member of QHY's new "A" series "ALL-IN-ONE" camera family, the QHY695A features a built-in motor induced color filter wheel, while inherently supporting QHY's Off-Axis Guider. Six M3 screw holes enable solid installation of the OAG with minimal back focus, crucial for some optical systems.

    Beyond the built-in filter wheel and OAG capability, the QHY695A has even more useful features. With an internal USB 2.0 Hub for two USB host ports along with a USB to dual RS232 converter, you can connect guide cameras, mounts and electric focusers straight to the camera without the need for an intermediate computer and all those long cables that can cause signal loss. Now only one USB cable will suffice.


    Butterfly Shutter - Virtually Unlimited Life and Uniform Illumination


    The QHY695A's motor driven mechanical shutter seems to take the shape of a butterfly. This shutter is only a single part and does not interact with or cause friction to other parts. It provides uniform illumination and has an operating life that is nearly limitless. There are also two sides to this shutter for light coverage.


    12V Power Socket

    This camera uses a single 12V socket for power. This power socket uses thread lock to provide a solid connection with DC plugs. To supply 12V of power to any nearby supplemental device, this camera has an additional socket that is connected with the input in parallel.




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    What's Included

    • QHYCCD QHY695A Monochrome CCD Camera
    • Color Filter Wheel for (7) 36mm Unmounted or (8) 1.25" Mounted Filters

  • Dimensions & Specifications

    • Imaging Camera Series: QHY Mono
    • Sensor Model: Sony ICX695 ExView II CCD
    • Effective Pixels: 2758 x 2208 (6 MP)
    • Pixel Array: 4.54 µm x 4.54 µm
    • Effective Area: 14.6mm x 12.8mm (Typical 1")
    • Readout Type: Full Frame CCD; Progressive Scan
    • Full Well Capacity: 15-20ke-
    • ADC: 16-Bit
    • Readout Noise: Typical 5e-
    • Binning Modes: 1x1; 2x2; 4x4
    • Minimum Exposure: 0.001 seconds
    • Maximum Exposure: 10000 seconds
    • Cooling: Two-stage TEC with typical -40ºC below ambient
    • Shutter: Butterfly mechanical shutter with uniform illumination
    • Moisture Control: Air Connector for removable silicon gel tube. Heat board for optic window of airproof CCD chamber.
    • Filter Wheel: Built-in 7-position for 36mm unmounted filters; or 8-position for 1.25" filters
    • Peak QE: 79%
    • OAG Interface: Six M3 screw holes for QHYOAG
    • Telescope Interface: M42x0.75 inner screw
    • Power Consumption: 0% cooling 8W; 50% cooling 16.5W; 100% cooling 27W
    • Weight: 3 lbs. 6 oz.


    QHY695A User Manual
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