Vixen Advanced Polaris-M Mount with R130Sf Reflector Telescope

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  • 5” f/5 reflector telescope offers a bright, wide field of view
  • Explore the planets, the Moon, galaxies, nebulae, star clusters!
  • The mount includes an RA motor for motorized horizontal movements
  • Telescope accessories include two eyepieces and a 6x30 finder
  • STAR BOOK ONE controller lets you change speeds and tracking rates
  • Controller features an ST4 autoguider port
  • Manual slow motion controls provide silent, smooth movements
  • Design is easy to upgrade with desired optional components
  • Telescope connects to mount with rings and Vixen dovetail
  • AL130 Tripod is metal and has adjustable legs
  • Power with Micro USB AC, Battery Pack, or computer (sold separately)
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  • Description

    The Vixen 39979 consists of the 5” R130SF reflector and an Advanced Polaris-M Equatorial Mount and Tripod. This is a great entry or intermediate level telescope package that can grow as your enjoyment of the hobby of astronomy does! The AP-M mount comes with an RA motor and Star Book One hand controller, giving you motorized tracking of objects as they move horizontally across the sky. You can also add a Declination motor module whenever you like—the Star Book One is capable of controlling both. And since the mount can handle more weight than that of the included 130 mm reflector, you can add a different telescope tube assembly when you want to change it up a bit. In the meantime, enjoy views of the planets and bright deep sky objects, and have fun using this very smooth, well made equatorial mount!

    About the R130SF Reflector Telescope

    This lightweight 5” Newtonian reflector telescope is a favorite of many new astronomers because it features remarkable light gathering with sharp images for its price and size. With a standard 20mm Plőssl, more than the entire moon fills the eyepiece. You’ll view innumerable star clusters, nebulae and galaxies. The visual observer will enjoy wide views of deep sky objects. Actual groups of nebula or clusters can be viewed at the same time with this instrument.

    The Vixen R130Sf Newtonian Telescope comes standard with the 6 x 30 finder scope, 2 eyepieces and dovetail tube plate that fits on all the Vixen mounts. This telescope mounts easily on the Advanced Polaris-M Mount with the universal dovetail attachment system. Universe Today says "The Vixen R130Sf is absolutely the perfect size for someone who needs enough aperture to light up popular deep sky objects, but doesn't need to lug around a 12" telescope".

    About the Vixen Advanced Polaris M Mount

    The Vixen Advanced Polaris-M is an easy to use German equatorial mount that is designed to be easily transformed into a variety of configurations. This classic equatorial mount includes the RA Motor module, STAR BOOK ONE hand controller and an adjustable tripod.

    The STAR BOOK ONE Controller is a dual axis handheld controller. The 4 buttons on the controller move the mount electrically in the X and Y axis (RA and, if you buy the Dec Motor Module, in DEC). The controller includes a built-in red LED light for illumination to avoid loosing night vision. Versatile tracking options are available; sidereal rate, King Rate, lunar rate, and solar rate. Different tracking speeds are available for time lapse photography. The controller works in both the northern and southern hemispheres. Backlash compensation provides reduced time lag at the point of reverse motion and the controller can be used for auto guiding with an auto guider compatible with SBIG auto guiders. PEC rectifies irregular motion of the tracking gear wheels that affect long exposure astrophotography.

    The Advanced Polaris-M German Equatorial Mount is ideally suited for both beginners and experienced observers who want simple equatorial mount with a easy-to-control right ascension drive. To add dual-axis drive functionality to this mount, we recommend adding the DEC Motor Module, which is sold separately.

    The Vixen Advanced Polaris-M Mount securely supports the R130SF reflector telescope for comfortable night sky observing. The mount can be quickly moved to your target object in right ascension via the Star Book One controller, or manually in either RA or Declination, and has slow motion controls on both RA and Dec that allow for smooth manual movements once your choice of object is in the field of view. A wide selection of accessories and modules (including a DEC Motor Module) are available to customize the Advanced Polaris mount further. This EQ mount also comes with the Vixen AL130 Tripod and a 2.2 pound counterweight.

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    What's Included

    • Vixen R130SF 5” Refractor
    • Vixen Advanced Polaris Equatorial Mount
    • RA Motor Module
    • STARBOOK ONE hand controller and cable
    • 2.2 lb. counterweight
    • AL130 Tripod
    • 6x30 Finderscope and Bracket
    • 6.3 mm Eyepiece
    • 20 mm Eyepiece
    • Tube Rings
    • Vixen-style Dovetail

  • Dimensions & Specifications

    Optical Design:

    Parabolic Mirror Reflector


    5 inches (130 mm)

    Focal Ratio:


    Focal Length:

    650 mm

    Resolving Power:

    0.89 arc seconds

    Limiting Magnitude:


    Light Gathering Power:


    Finder Scope:


    Field of View:

    7 degrees

    OTA Diameter:

    160 mm

    OTA Weight:

    8.8 pounds


    20 mm and 6.3 mm Plossl

    Mounting Type:

    Tube Rings and Vixen Dovetail

    Mount Type:

    German Equatorial

    Load Capacity:

    13.2 lb.

    RA and DEC Slow Motion:

    Worm and Wheel Gears

    Number of Teeth:


    RA Axis:

    59mm diameter, aluminum alloy

    Declination Axis:

    59mm diameter, aluminum alloy

    Altitude Adjustment:

    0° ~ 65 degrees latitude

    Azimuth Adjustment:

    1.4° per rotation

    Number of Bearings:


    Counterweight Bar:

    20mm diameter


    2.2 lb.


    RA Motor Module

    RA Motor:

    Pulse motor

    RA Tracking/ Slewing:

    Via Star Book One controller

    Controller Plug:

    D-SUB9-Pin male


    Micro USB or Battery Pack (sold separately)


    AL130, adjustable from 21 to 45.5 inches

    Tripod Weight:

    6.6 pounds

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