2014 Telescope Awards

Telescope of the Year Awards

TelescopesPlus.com welcomes you back to our annual Telescope of the Year Awards. Throughout each year, we continually explore telescopes from the top-rated manufacturers in the world to find our favorites. These awards are the result - we present the best of the best, and the right telescopes for you and your hobby. Whether you're on an astronomical or terrestrial budget, there's something out there that'll open your eyes.

We continually work with the makers to put each telescope through a series of tests to decide the winners. We assemble and study them closely in our building and take them home and out to star parties for testing. We observe their construction and features closely and enjoy looking through them very far. Our experts rate their performance in a variety of situations with our customers in mind. We've defined 7 categories of telescope that our viewers vie for and awarded the best of each. It's been quite an adventurous year … read on to find out why!

  • Best Telescope For BeginnersCelestron AstroMaster 114 EQ Reflector Telescope

    3-Time Consecutive Winner! Similar to a Triple Crown Winner, the Celestron AstroMaster 114 EQ goes 3-for-3 in 2014. It's pretty clear that this perennial best-seller is responsible for more new astronomy enthusiasts every year than any other on the market. The simple design introduces users to the principles of alignment, tracking objects, and making adjustments to see what they've always dreamed of through their telescope. With a complete package (telescope, tripod, mount, and accessories) available under $200, we recommend the AstroMaster as a gift for kids or adults who've expressed interest in looking skyward.
  • Best GPS Telescope

    It was difficult to find another series of telescopes to match the Celestron CPCs. These fork-mounted telescopes are some the most portable around and pack a GPS database that calculates the date, time, longitude, and latitude of your current location so you can start locating objects wherever you land. Celestron's SkyAlign technology kicks in and aligns your scope flawlessly based on GPS data and any three objects in the sky … and you're ready to go! Of course, they haven't skimped on the viewing experience, either, using Schmidt-Cassegrain design, premium glass with StarBright coatings, and tons of extras ideal for mobile astrophotography.