Celestron 15x70 SkyMaster Binoculars

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  • Upgrade and Save! Buy the Celestron SkyMaster 15x70 Binocular with Tripod Kit
  • Ideal for astronomy and terrestrial viewing
  • BaK-4 prisms and multi-coated lenses enhance contrast
  • Large center-focus knob provides easy and quick focusing
  • Water-resistant for less-than-ideal weather conditions
  • Long eye relief suitable for eyeglass wearers
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  • Description

    All around the world, Celestron SkyMaster binoculars are synonymous with stargazing. From the largest public star parties to small backyard observing sessions, SkyMaster 15x70 binoculars are a common sight on the star field and have become a favorite tool for amateur astronomers of all ages. These easy-to-use binoculars offer bright, stunning views of the night sky at a budget-friendly price.

    A great way to get started

    Many new stargazers get their start with astronomical binoculars before stepping up to a telescope. The intuitive design of the SkyMaster 15x70 makes it a great choice for your first optic. Imagine panning across the Milky Way or viewing the dazzling details of a passing comet with a simple pair of binoculars. With a wider field of view than most telescopes, astronomy binoculars are ideal for viewing larger objects like open star clusters. They even offer enough light gathering ability to view the moons of Jupiter and rings of Saturn! What’s more, astronomy binoculars offer a great way to get yourself acquainted with the night sky and the locations of all these popular celestial objects in relation to one another.

    High-end features for maximum versatility

    In addition to the large 4-element lenses, SkyMaster binoculars feature BaK-4 prisms and multiple layers of optical coatings to enhance light transmission, image brightness, and clarity.

    SkyMaster’s rugged, ergonomic grip makes these binoculars easy to hold and point at targets ranging from the Moon and planets to the Orion Nebula and the Pleiades star cluster. For longer observing sessions, use the included tripod adapter to secure your SkyMaster to any photographic tripod (instructions below).

    Although the name SkyMaster suggests celestial viewing, you’ll be surprised how often you reach for your SkyMaster 15x70 during the day. They’re great for long range glassing over land to view wildlife or boats on the water.

    Included tripod adapter

    The Celestron 15x70 SkyMaster binoculars include a tripod adapter for fixing the binocular to any standard photo tripod.  To install the tripod adapter, simply unthread the logo cap in front of the focus knob, revealing a female thread to install the tripod adapter. Then, simply connect the binocular to your tripod for ultra-stable viewing.

    SkyMaster 15x70 Fast Facts:

    • Soft case included
    • Water resistant
    • Tripod adapter included
    • BaK-4 porro prisms
    • Multi-coated optics for sharp, clear views
    • Large aperture perfect for low-light conditions and stargazing
    • Diopter adjustment for fine focusing
    • 4-element objective lens for ultra-sharp focus across the field of view
    • No-fault lifetime warranty  



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    Available for shipment to the USA and Canada only.

    What's Included

    Binoculars, soft case, objective lens covers, eyepiece cover, tripod adapter

  • Dimensions & Specifications

    Angular Field of View

    4.4 Degrees

    Binoculars Series

    Celestron SkyMaster Binoculars



    Close Focusing Distance

    43 ft.

    Exit Pupil


    Eye Relief


    Field of View at 1000 Yards

    230 ft.

    Focus Type

    Center Focus

    Interpupillary Distance


    Lens Coating




    Magnification Code


    Objective Lens Diameter


    Objective Lens Size Code


    Prism Glass


    Prism Type

    Porro Prism Binoculars


    Giant Binoculars

    Tripod Adaptable

    Yes - Adapter Included




    48 oz.

    Marketplace Type Code

    Full Size

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    Manufacturer Warranty

    Celestron warrants all of its products to be free from defects in materials or worksmanship. Celestron offers a limited lifetime warranty for binoculars and spotting scopes. All other products have a 2-year manufacturer's warranty, which covers repairs or replacement in cases of defective components. If you have specific questions about this product's warranty, please contact Celestron's customer service department at 310-328-9560.

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Customer Q&A

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  • Q1: Do these have diopter adjustment?

    A: You can adjust the right eye diopter, as well as the center focus knob.

  • Q2: Does the SkyMaster 15X70 include a photo tripod adapter so I can use it with my current tripod?

    A: Yes, they have a built-in rigid photo tripod adapter.

  • Q3: Will objects (stars, nebula, etc.) appear brighter with the 15x70s than through a standard 10x50, or does the higher magnification affect the apparent brightness?

    A: Higher magnification affects brightness, but since the 15x70 SkyMaster's 70mm objective lens has nearly double the area of the 10x50s' 50mm lens, the darkening effect of the greater magnification is erased. The 15x70 Skymasters will be brighter than 10x50s.

  • Q4: Will the image be erect or inverted?

    A: The SkyMaster's images are right side up.

  • Q5: How do these compare in physical size to a "standard" pair of porro prism 10x50s?

    A: They are quite a bit larger. The chambers are longer and wider. This one is recommended to be used with a tripod.

  • Q6: How much does the Skymaster 15x70 weigh? I am 85 so wonder if I can hold it or will need a tripod. If so what kind? Will it provide better distance vision than a 10x50 wide angle binocular?

    A: The Celestron SkyMaster 15x70 binocular weighs 4 pounds, and that's a real load for hand held viewing. We'd suggest a tripod, particularly because of the 15X magnification. The Optavian Field Tripod should do the job nicely. The SkyMaster will make distant objects appear 15 times as close as they actually are. However, the high magnification level decreases the field of view, so you'll only be able to see an area 230 feet wide at 1,000 yards' distance. That makes following any kind of motion somewhat difficult. On the other hand, 10x50 Wide-Angle binoculars will make objects appear only 10 times as close but will give a 341-foot field of view. This makes following wildlife or sports action much easier. In addition, the 10x50s weigh only 1.95 pounds, making them much easier to hold than the SkyMasters, hence easier to use without a tripod. In our opinion, then, 10x50s are a better choice for general-purpose viewing. The 15x70s are a good choice, though, for stargazing or viewing distant objects over, say, the ocean.

  • Q7: I just ordered the 15x70 skymaster . do they come with any lens covers or do i need to buy the seperatley and do you recomend any

    A: The Celestron SkyMaster binoculars come with lens covers.

  • Q8: I live on the lake and have 7-15x35 binoculars. They are not powerful enough and can see only a small area. I do not want to spend a lot of money. What do you recommend?

    A: If 15X binoculars aren't powerful enough and the field of view is too small, the answer is to increase objective lens size, along with magnification. Zhumell's 20x80 Super Giant Binoculars offer plenty of power and a reasonably large field of view. They've been getting terrific customer reviews.

  • Q9: If I buy it will it come with a strap and a carry case or do I need to get those things separately?

    A: The Celestron 15x70 does include a strap and a carrying case.

  • Q10: Is the 15x70 Skymasters fogproof & Nitrogen-filled?

    A: Unfortunately, no, the Celestron 15x70 SkyMaster binocular is not fog-proof and nitrogen-filled.

  • Q11: The Skymaster 15x70 binoculars are are said to be fully coated. Do you mean fully multi-coated, that is coating of all air to glass surfaces and is the coating magnesium fluoride?

    A: The Skymasters are fully "multi-coated" and it is a magnesium fluoride coating they use.

  • Q12: What are the dimensions of the SkyMaster 15x70 Center Focus Celestron binoculars?

    A: The dimensions of the Celestron Skymaster 15x70 are 7.9" x 9.3" x 3.6".

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