Zhumell Optics Cleaning Kit - ZHUL002-1

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Zhumell Optics Cleaning Kit - ZHUL002-1 has a rating of 4.4 stars based on 82 reviews.

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  • Clean your optics right with the Zhumell Optics Cleaning Kit
  • Safe to use on most telescopes, binoculars, and eyepieces
  • Convenient, water-resistant carrying case
  • Flexible lens brush with blower for low-impact cleaning
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth for smudges
  • Great for spotting scopes and rifle scopes, too
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  • Description

    Gently clean the optics on your telescope, binoculars, eyepieces, and other optical accessories with this six-piece cleaning kit from Zhumell.

    Dust, dirt, pollen, and other foreign particles are everywhere, and they are attracted to glass surfaces like nobody’s business. Be ready to remove these particles in the gentlest way possible with the Zhumell Optics Cleaning Kit.

    The first rule when cleaning optics is to do no harm. If a puff of air will do the trick, then there is no need to use a brush. If using a brush does the job, then don’t follow up with tissues and cleaner. In other words, the best way to clean optics is to do the least amount required to get the job done. That is why the Zhumell Cleaning Kit contains a variety of products to support different cleaning methods.

    Blower Brush for low impact removal of dust and particles

    This optics brush with a bellows-type blower provides gentle cleaning with the least amount of impact to your sensitive glass and lens surfaces. Try blowing first to see if the particles disappear. If not, then gently brush in one direction to literally sweep dust or loose particles from the surface. Most of the time, this is all the cleaning your telescope, eyepiece, binoculars, or camera lenses will need, and it should always be done first before stepping up your game with the microfiber cloth.

    Microfiber Cloth helps remove smudges

    If the dust is gone but a thumbprint or various smudges remain, use this silky microfiber cloth to clean them away. Rub gently, and all but the most stubborn spots should disappear. The Zhumell microfiber cloth can be reused. Hand-wash if necessary and  air dry.

    Optical tissue, cleaning fluid and cotton swabs attach stubborn pollen and other sticky substances

    Sometimes a substance is so sticky or adhesive that it requires a liquid lens cleaner to remove it. Bee poop comes to mind, as does some types of pollen. Unlike most commercial glass cleaners, Zhumell cleaning fluid is specially formulated for use on sensitive optical equipment and will not harm delicate coatings. Take a clean cotton swab or a piece of optical tissue and dampen it with the lens cleaning fluid, then gently dab at the offending particles. Move to an unused part of the tissue or swab with each pass until you achieve the desired results.  Do not put the lens cleaning fluid directly on the optics, as it could run down into the joints holding the glass in place.

    Zhumell Optics Cleaning Kit holder is waterproof

    The plastic case holding all of your cleaning supplies cannot be penetrated by water or other fluids. This is a good thing, because it would be easy for water to damage your supply of tissues and cotton swabs. Just remember to close the lid to the cleaning fluid securely and you should be good to go.

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