Meade High Precision Pointing

Meade High Precision Pointing (HP) - What is it? What is it for? And why it's so darn cool

There is a feature in many of Meade's popular GO TO telescopes that you need to know about. It's called High-Precision Pointing (HP). An exclusive Meade feature, the High Precision mode in the Meade LX90, LXD75, LX200, LX200R, and RCX400 telescopes is truly a gift for anyone looking to start imaging the night sky with their telescope.


High Precision Pointing is a feature you turn on or off

It's a feature you either use or not use. Meade telescopes such as the LX200 series are some of the most accurate pointing commercial telescopes available. For regular visual use, the High Precision mode is not needed. With Meade's easy alignment procedure, when you choose an object to GO TO, the object will be dead center in your eyepiece. After your alignment procedure is complete you may choose to use the Guided Tour mode - a personal chauffer of the best objects in the sky. Press the Saturn button, and you go to Saturn - dead center of your eyepiece. This will all happen without the the High Precision Pointing mode.