Father's Day Buying Guide

Give your dad the best Father's Day gift this year--a new telescope! Whether he's an astronomy buff or never looked through a telescope of his own before, you'll find something in our gift guide to fit his skill level and your budget.

Telescopes and accessories are a great Father's Day gift idea for the gadget-loving dad. We've got a range of computerized telescopes that can locate celestial objects with the push of a button--some starting as low as just $250! If your dad can't live without his smartphone or tablet, consider a WiFi enabled telescope or microscope so he can explore the Universe right from his mobile device.

If your dad already has a monster telescope, consider adding some high-quality eyepieces or a new accessory to make his experience under the stars even more amazing.

No matter which telescope gift you choose, the absolute best way to enjoy this Father's Day is to take the telescope out and discover a few new celestial objects together.

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