Quick Tips For Astronomy Binoculars

1. Binoculars are a compact and versatile alternative for astronomical viewing. They can be taken outside and transported quickly and easily.

2. One of the first things to consider with astronomy binoculars is whether you opt for handheld use or mount them on a tripod. We recommend tripods for all binoculars with objective lenses measuring 80mm or greater, as these are front-end heavy and difficult to hold steady.

3. Magnification power is not the most important thing to consider when shopping for astronomical binoculars. In most cases, the size of the objective lens is more important, as this determines the light-gathering capacity, which leads directly to image quality.

4. Common sizes are 10x50, 12x60, 15x70, 20x80, and 25x100. The first number indicates the magnification power; the second indicates the size, in millimeters, of the objective lenses.

5. For comfortable viewing without a tripod, try lying supine on a blanket or lawn chair. From this position, you can support your binoculars with your elbows for stable viewing.