Apertura 1.25" Lunar & Planetary Kit #2 - LPSET2

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  • Apertura Lunar & Planetary Kit #2
  • Includes Light Blue, Light Red, Yellow and ND96 1.25” Filters
  • Reduce light scattering and glare while increasing contrast via selective filtration
  • Threaded on both sides to fit most 1.25" eyepieces and stack with each other
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  • Description

    Apertura Lunar & Planetary Kit #2 Including Light Blue, Light Red, Yellow and ND96 1.25” Filters

    This Lunar and Planetary Filter set by Apertura is an affordable and useful filter bundle, providing a broad range of viewing capabilities. Included in this 4-piece 1.25” filter set are the 82A Light (Pale) Blue, 15 Yellow, 23 Light Red, and a Neutral Density ND96 Filter in a plastic storage container.

    Colored filters are an essential aid for planetary and lunar viewing. They reduce light scattering and glare while increasing contrast via selective filtration. Colored filters also provide increased definition, reduced irradiation, and lessen eye fatigue.


    #82A Light Blue Filter - 73% Transmission - The Pale Blue Filter can help you view Mercury's surface markings when the elusive planet is low on the horizon. This filter will optimize views of the Great Red Spot on Jupiter and enhance the boundaries between the giant planet's reddish belts and their adjacent bright zones. Easily observe surface features and polar ice caps on Mars. With a transmission of 73%, this blue filter will also enhance definition in comet tails.

    #23 Light Red Filter - 25% Transmission - The Light Red Filter can enhance definition in a comet's dust tail. When observing Jupiter and Saturn, this filter will help you study clouds with a bluish hue. With a transmission of 25%, this light red filter produces optimal daytime views of Venus and Mercury by darkening the blue sky. Mars will also benefit from a red filter in several ways. It will reduce the light from blue and green areas, which darkens the maria, oases, and canal markings while lightening desert regions that are orangish in color.

    #15 Yellow Filter - 67% Transmission - The Yellow Filter has a Wratten number of #15 and can help you view features on the Moon and Venus. When observing Jupiter and Saturn, a yellow filter can enhance your view of the orange and reddish features of the belts and zones. With a transmission of 67%, this yellow filter will also enhance definition in comet tails and atmospheric currents. Mars will also benefit from a yellow filter in many ways. It will darken the maria, canal markings and oases, and lighten desert regions. A yellow filter will also sharpen the boundaries of Martian dust clouds. If you have a telescope with at least 11" of aperture, you can use a yellow filter to improve detail on both Neptune and Uranus.

    Neutral Density ND96 Filter - A neutral density filter is great for looking at the Moon or other bright objects, such as Venus, without distorting the color. It will dim the light coming to your eye so that you can see more detail. This ND Filter, also known as a Moon Filter, has a density value of 0.89.


    All of the Apertura 1.25” filters are made of high quality, solid plane parallel glass that has been anti-reflection coated to prevent glare and ghosting. They have a full 26mm clear aperture and are mounted in a black anodized aluminum cell that is threaded on both sides to fit most 1.25" eyepieces and stack with each other.

    Please note that the effectiveness of these filters depends on several factors, including the aperture and focal length of your telescope, the magnification being used, and the seeing conditions at the time.

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    What's Included

    • 1.25" #82A Light Blue Filter

    • 1.25" #23 Light Red Filter

    • 1.25" #15 Yellow Filter

    • 1.25" ND96 Neutral Density Filter

    • Protective Case

  • Dimensions & Specifications

    • Model Number: LPSET2

    • Filter - Single or Set: Filter Set

    • Filter Size: 31.75 mm (1.25")

    • Filter Type: Planetary Color

    • Filter Shape: Round

    • Mounted or Unmounted: Mounted

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