Apertura 60 mm f/6 FPL-53 Doublet Refractor with Field Flattener Kit - 60EDR-KIT

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    Apertura 60mm FPL-53 Doublet Refractor
    with Full Frame Field Flattener

    The Apertura 60 mm refractor utilizes optics made with Ohara FPL-53 glass to provide observers and astrophotographers with amazing contrast, excellent color correction, and crisp images within its range. Not only is the 60EDR refractor portable and easy to use, it is extremely versatile.

    The Apertura 60EDR APO refractor can be used as a travel telescope, a guide scope, a super finder, or a spotting scope. Weighing in at just 3.25 lbs. This super compact telescope is a great tool to have, whether it is your main instrument for observation or a tool to guide you to the stars of your choice.

    Apertura 60EDR OTA Details

    This beautiful 60 mm refractor is only 9.5" long when the dew shield is fully retracted. When the dew shield is fully extended, the 60EDR only measures a tad bit over 12". The compact size means that this refractor OTA can easily accompany users as they travel to spot the best celestial objects to observe and/or image.

    Dual-Speed Rack & Pinion Focuser

    The focuser that comes with this Apertura telescope is a 2" rack and pinion focuser with a 10:1 micro focuser. Users can easily make bigger changes to their focus with the large knob and then refine that focus by turning the smaller knob. Additionally, there is a built-in camera angle adjuster!

    Mounting the Apertura 60EDR Refractor

    It's easy to attach the 60EDR to a sturdy mount or camera tripod, depending on your intended applications! This refractor comes with a hinged ring that drops down to a sturdy foot with 1/4-20 threads. From there, the scope can be attached to a photographic tripod for great portability or the foot can be attached to the dovetail of an alt-azimuth mount.

    This small  60 mm optical tube assembly can also be mounted to a larger telescope with a dovetail. To do this, remove the hinged ring, slide the OTA into a finderscope bracket with the proper diameter (user-supplied), and then mount the bracket to the larger telescope.  Now you have a fantastic finderscope that can accept multiple eyepieces!

    Apertura 60mm FPL-53 Doublet Refractor Specifications

    • Optics Type: ED FPL-53 Refractor
    • Aperture: 60mm
    • Focal Length: 360mm
    • Focal Ratio: f/6
    • Focuser: 2" Rack & Pinion with 10-to-1 Microfocus
    • Mount Type: 1/4-20 threaded foot
    • Length with Dew Shield Retracted: 9.5"
    • Length with Dew Shield Extended: 12.25"
    • OTA Weight: 3.25 lb.

    About the Apertura 2" Field Flattener

    The Apertura Adjustable Flattener is designed to flatten the photographic field when used with the Apertura 60EDR refractor telescope and your DSLR camera. This is a full frame flattener and is threaded to accept 2" filters.

    The camera side of the adjustable flattener presents M48 threads to accept a wide (M48 instead of M42) T-ring (sold separately) that will, in turn, mount to your DSLR camera body.

    The telescope side of the full frame flattener includes a built-in M54 threaded adapter that accepts the rotator of the 60 mm EDR telescope. To access the rotator threads, simply remove the end collar. The inside of the M54 adapter is threaded to accept 2" filters.

    In order to achieve the proper back focus, the flattener has approximately 5 mm of adjustability. The adjustment distances listed below assume a starting point of 55 mm, which is standard for a DSLR with T-ring. Therefore, keep in mind that if you use an imaging camera instead of a DSLR, you will need to use spacers to reach 55 mm, and then make adjustments on the flattener itself to accommodate the 60EDR.

    • 60EDR Flattener Adjustment: 3 mm
    • 60EDR Total Backfocus: 58 mm (55 mm + 3 mm)

    This Product Comes with the Apertura Absolute Warranty!

    • Two-Year Warranty against product defects.
    • Three-Year Accident Replacement Program that begins after your initial 2 year warranty expires.
    • Your Apertura Absolute Warranty is transferable.


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