Baader Planetarium 4.5mm MORPHEUS 76 Degree Eyepiece - MORPH-4

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  • 76-degree wide field of view provides “spacewalk” viewing with excellent sharpness on axis and across the full field—even at the edges.
  • Slip Protect Safety Kerfs keep your eyepiece barrel secure without the hassle of wide undercuts.
  • Remove the rubber eyecup to reveal M43 threads for connecting your camera.
  • Photoluminescent lettering on the barrel helps you quickly identify eyepieces in the dark.
  • Includes a cordura eyepiece holster, winged and standard rubber eyecups, and more.
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  • Description

    Baader 4.5mm Morpheus 76° Eyepiece with 1.25”/2” Barrel and Cordura Case

    The 4.5mm Morpheus Eyepiece, by Baader produces immersive views with generous eye relief, 76° field of view, and Phantom Coatings on it's rare earth glass. Enjoy sharp stars across the field even with fast scopes. 1.25” & 2” barrels deliver the ultimate in flexibility.

    Encased in sealed housing for water resistance, all lens edges have been blackened and optimized for bino-viewing. Building on the success of Baader’s legendary Hyperion eyepieces, Morpheus provides an even brighter, wider view that’s sharp to the edge of the field, even when paired with the fastest telescope systems.

    Unique Optics for Spacewalk Viewing

    The “spacewalk” feel is a huge trend in high end eyepieces because it provides a truly immersive experience. In the past, this unique spacewalk sensation was only available on the widest field eyepieces that routinely cost $500 and more. To provide the same feeling at a more affordable price point, Baader’s optical engineers conducted years of research and testing. They determined that the eyepiece’s design, eye relief, and viewing comfort are responsible for that spacewalk feel—not just a super wide field of view.

    With Morpheus’ 76-degree field of view, you get immersive views that remain pinpoint sharp all the way to the edges. Unlike other wide field eyepieces, Morpheus is free of distortion and never feels like you’re looking through a fishbowl. 

    In creating Morpheus, Baader has paid meticulous attention of every detail of the optics. They’ve enhanced and perfected their signature Phantom Coating Group of optical coatings for maximum light transmission. What’s more, Morpheus features rare earth glasses, blackened lens edges, and a ray-traced internal baffling to eliminate any internal reflections.

    New Mechanical Design

    Morpheus is just as impressive on the outside. To provide you with maximum versatility, Morpheus keeps its weight to an absolute minimum and features a sleek, streamlined silhouette—perfect for use with binoviewers.

    One of the pain points in most premium eyepieces is the barrel. Smooth barrels aren’t as secure inside your star diagonal, but wide undercuts cause headaches when you’re trying to quickly swap eyepieces in the dark. The Baader Morpheus solves this dilemma. Its innovative new “safety kerfs” provide an enhanced grip and protect against mishaps in the field, but are shallower than undercuts for easy eyepiece swaps. You’ll find these safety kerfs on the 1.25” and 2” barrels, so you can take advantage of this feature with any telescope. For added protection, Morpheus’ rubber exterior features a waffle-patterned grip ring.

    Perfect for Astrophotography

    For a night of visual observing and imaging, Baader has perfected the imaging projection eyepiece. Like the bestselling Hyperion eyepiece before it, Morpheus features a hidden M43 thread tucked away under the removable rubber eyecup. Slide the eyecup off and you’re ready to attach just about any camera. Baader’s optional M43 adapters offer a super secure connection with minimal vignetting.

    Bonus Features and Accessories

    In addition to its stunning views, the Baader Morpheus provides a superb user experience in the field thanks to its bonus features and included accessories. One thing you’ll notice on your first night out is the photoluminescent engraving on the eyepiece barrel. With this handy feature, the eyepiece’s name and focal length are easy to spot thanks to a subtle glow. Forget about searching for a flashlight or fumbling in the dark. With Morpheus, you’ll always have the right eyepiece close at hand. (Don’t worry—this special engraving won’t disturb your night vision.)

    Every Morpheus eyepiece includes two eyecups: a standard foldable rubber eyecup and a winged eyecup. The winged option is perfect for use with binoviewers, during daytime sessions, or to block out stray light from a pesky streetlamp. Finally, you’ll also receive a handy eyepiece holster that attaches to your belt so your Morpheus is always protected and close at hand.

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    What's Included

    • Baader 4.5mm Morpheus Eyepiece with 1.25”/2” Barrel
    • 1.25” Dustcap
    • M43 Winged Eyecup
    • 46.5mm Dustcap
    • M43 Folding Eyecup
    • 45mm Dustcap
    • Storage Box
    • Cordura Eyepiece Holster

  • Dimensions & Specifications

    • Focal Length: 4.5mm
    • Barrel Size: 1.25”/2”
    • Lens Elements: 8
    • Lens Groups: 5
    • Apparent Field of View: 76°
    • Eye Relief: 17.5mm
    • Field Stop Diameter: 6.1mm
    • Back Focus Gain with 2” Barrel: 21mm
    • Photo Video Adapter Thread: 43mm Standard
    • Height: 102mm
    • Length of 1.25” Barrel: 24mm
    • Length of 2” Barrel: 21mm
    • Outer Diameter: 55mm
    • Weight: 13 ounces
    • Parfocal: Yes with all Morpheus Eyepieces
    • Baader SKU: 2954204

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