Baader Planetarium Visual AstroSolar Safety Film - 7.9" x 11.4" Sheet - ASOLV-S

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  • Baader Planetarium's Astro Solar Film makes viewing the Sun safe and fun
  • Displays penumbral detail, solar granulation, and lighter colored faculae
  • Easily make your own solar filters with this 11.4" x 7.9" sheet
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  • Description

    Baader AstroSolar Visual Safety Film A4 Sheet - 7.9 x 11.4"

    Baader Planetarium's Astro Solar Film makes viewing the Sun safe and fun. The safety film projects white light views of the Sun that are unparalleled to any other solar filters or material out there. Portraying fine solar detail, Baader's Astro Solar Film display penumbral detail, solar granulation, and lighter colored faculae. The film is set against a dark background, free of haze and scatter. Great performance at a great price!

    Baader AstroSolar Visual Safety Film Size 20 x 29 cm presents the Sun in its real color which is neutral white. The competition provides films and glass filters that produce a blurry bluish or reddish/orange/yellow solar image which in turn cuts part of the spectrum. With an orange Sun, it is very hard to see faculae regions which are visible predominantly in the blue wing of the spectrum. Because of AstroSolar's neutral color balance, this allows the use of various color (or interference) filters that allow observers to focus on particular spectral passbands for investigations or different layers within the solar "atmosphere".

    In solar observation, eye safety is critical! Baader's AstroSolar is essentially free from pinholes because of the coating on both sides so that the chances of two pinholes overlapping each other is extremely small. While pinholes do appear the ratio is 1 out of 10,000 only, in optical density 2.5! All coatings are inspected continually for consistency and for eye safety. With Baader AstroSolar Visual Safety Film Size 20 x 29 cm, enthusiasts will enjoy the Sun's hidden grandeur at a fraction of the cost but will experience high-quality performance in every use.


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  • Dimensions & Specifications

    • Type of Solar Equipment: Solar Film - Unmounted

    • Emission Line: White Light

    • Solar Filter Aperture: 11.4" x 7.9" sheet

    • White Light Solar Filter Material: Baader AstroSolar Safety Film

    • Solar Product Warranty: 1 year

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