Baader Planetarium 17mm Hyperion Telescope Eyepiece - HYP-17

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Baader Planetarium 17mm Hyperion Telescope Eyepiece - HYP-17 has a rating of 4.6 stars based on 148 reviews.

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Enjoy 68 Degree apparent field of view with the Baader 17mm Hyperion Eyepiece

  • Hyperion's make great afocal projection eyepieces
  • 20mm of eye relief
  • Fits both 1.25 and 2 inch focusers
  • Great for binoviewers and spotting scopes
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  • Description

    Baader Planetarium 17mm Hyperion Telescope Eyepiece


    This 17mm Baader Planetarium Hyperion Eyepiece is more than just a pretty face!  With a 68 degree field of view, coatings that rival eyepieces costing hundreds of dollars more, and great eye relief, the Baader Hyperion's are the perfect visual eyepiece, however, their innovative auto-locking 2 inch sleeve supports heavy cameras for afocal projection photography with the appropriate Hyperion T-ring.


    Baader Hyperion Multi-Purpose 68 Degree Eyepieces - Great for visual use


    • All Baader Hyperion eyepieces have an optimal 68 degree apparent field of view, the largest accessible to the stationary human eye. The entire field remains visible despite slight involuntary motions of an observer’s head.
    • The annoying "kidney bean effect", the bane of many ultra wide-field eyepiece designs, is completely absent in the Baader Hyperion.
    • Eight lens elements in five groups provide outstanding sharpness and color correction over the entire field.
    • The Baader 17mm Hyperion eyepiece has 20mm of comfortable eye relief.
    • No vignetting or falloff of illumination near the edge of the field.
    • The use of high-index glass results in minimal distortion and astigmatism.
    • The Baader Hyperion has unsurpassed color fidelity. Many eyepieces that employ cheaper glasses or inferior designs impart a yellow or blue cast to the image. With Hyperion eyepieces white stays white!
    • The most advanced anti-reflection multi-coatings are employed on all ten air-to=glass surfaces for maximum light throughput and brilliant images.  All coatings are carefully matched to the index of refraction for each of the different glass substrates used.
    • The painstaking design and execution of baffling has all but eliminated troublesome stray light and ghost reflections.  Under all conditions of illumination, the interior of a Hyperion eyepiece will appear jet black, testimony to the virtual elimination of stray light.
    • The Hyperion has the shortest field stop position of all wide field eyepieces known.
    • Specifically designed for binocular viewing.  Ideal for use with accessory binocular viewers thanks to a tight barrel diameter (58 millimeters with the removable neoprene rubber grip ring, 56 millimeters with the grip ring removed) that permits interpupillary distance settings of as little as 56 millimeters.
    • Each Hyperion eyepiece in the series is actually two eyepieces in one!  A much longer focal length lens can be created by unscrewing the forward 1.25-inch diameter portion of barrel that houses the negative achromat lens group.  Color correction remains excellent, and the field curvature that results is no greater than in a decent specimen of the 6-element Erfle design.  Removing the negative lens group exposes an M48 female thread so that large-format light pollution and nebular filters can be employed.
    • Thanks to the short 1.25 chrome sleeve of 0.94”, all Hyperion’s are principally compatible with spotting scopes, including high-end units by Leica, Swarovski, and Zeiss.


    The perfect eyepiece for afocal projection imaging


    • The digital camera threads S54 and M43 x 0.75 have been incorporated into the Hyperion eyepiece for compatibility with the Baader Series 54 digital T-rings.  With a Series 54 t-ring installed on the Hyperion, you can attach almost any digital and videocamera without vignetting. These threads are protected by caps when not in use.
    • The vast majority of large digital cameras and camcorders of recent vintage feature an internal zoom lens with a fixed front lens and standard filter threads.
    • The robust construction of Hyperion eyepieces is capable of directly supporting heavy video and film cameras weighing up to 6.6 lb.
    • Hyperion eyepieces are also ideal for use with so-called clamping-style universal digital camera holders, and will precisely support cameras squarely with respect to the optical axis, due to their straight forward cylindrical-shaped outer body.
    • With or without the removable negative lens group, the Hyperion eyepiece is an incredibly sharp projection system.
    • In combination with a short-focus objective as small as 60mm, the same afocal imaging configuration can be employed in industry for monitoring hazardous operations like plasma welding from a safe distance.


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    What's Included

    • Baader Planetarium Hyperion 17 mm 1.25" Eyepiece
    • Rubber Eyecups
    • Dust Caps

  • Dimensions & Specifications

    • Focal Length:  17mm

    • Barrel Size:  1.25"/2"
    • Lens Elements:  8
    • Lens Groups:  5
    • Apparent Field of View:  68 degrees
    • Parfocal:  Yes
    • Eye Relief:  20mm
    • Field Stop:  20.3mm
    • Weight:  13.58 ounces

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