HOTECH 1.25 Inch SCA Laser Collimator with Crosshair for Newtonian Telescopes - SCA-125C

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We searched the world for the best collimator - this is it.

  • Features SCA Self-Centering Adapter
  • This model works in 1.25 inch focusers
  • Available in standard laser or crosshair laser
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  • Description

    Hotech 1.25 Inch SCA Laser Collimator with Crosshair for Newtonian Telescopes


    This HoTech 1.25" SCA Laser Collimator has a precise Crosshair designed for Newtonian Telescopes. The crosshair makes it easy to use. Simply align your target in the center of the crosshairs and you are ready to collimate. 


    The HoTech laser collimator separates itself from all the other laser collimators with its innovative self-centering adapter technology (SCA).  The mechanism allows precise and repeatable installation in all brands of 1.25" and 2" telescope focusers.  All laser collimators in the current market have one fundamental problem - the slop in the adapting mechanism between the laser collimator and the telescope focuser.  This problem is clearly recognized and often discussed among astronomers but so far there is no definite solution in the market yet.


    No matter how tight the tolerances are machined on the laser collimator or the focuser, a small gap is required to allow installation of the laser collimator.  Once the laser collimator is inserted, the required gap becomes a problem.  The laser collimator is fixed either with one or more thumbscrews or a unified compression ring.  Both methods introduce a very critical issue, namely an off-axis installment that instantly destroys the precision of your collimation instrument along the entire optical axis.


    Precision Machined Compact Lightweight Design:


    The collimator is built from aero-space grade lightweight aluminum and CNC machined with the tightest tolerances.  And it is sandblasted and anodized to protect it from harsh environment.  The lightweight design keeps your telescope balanced without creating additional structural sagging and imbalance during collimation.


    Includes 45º Faceplate Viewer with Laser Engraved Targeting Grid:


    The faceplate viewer helps to display the returning laser dot with a clear visual reference during collimation from the rear of the telescope.  It eliminates traveling to the front of your scope repeatedly.  We include it as a standard feature and we laser engrave the targeting grid to ensure long lasting quality display.


    Finest Projecting Laser Dot:


    Keeping the laser dot to the finest point is the key to precision collimation.  We limit our laser beam to the finest size to operate in the correct operating distance for optimal visual effect.  There is no guesswork involved like other laser collimators which is difficult to center a large projecting laser dot to the center of the faceplate.


    High Accuracy Laser Alignment:


    We position the laser precisely in the exact optical path and align the laser beam along the optical axis.  With the combination of the SCA and the laser alignment technologies, you can quickly collimate your telescope in confidence to achieve perfect collimation every time.


    Long Lasting Battery Life:


    By using the CR123, 3V battery as our laser power source, our laser collimator has over 65 hours of continuous use battery lifetime.  The included CR123, 3V lithium battery operates well under a typical cold night and it has a 10 years shelf life.  This is a great advantage that you don't have to worry about changing the tiny hard to find cell batteries frequently in the dark like other collimators


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  • Dimensions & Specifications

    • Collimation Tool Type: Laser Collimator

    • Tool Size: 1.25"

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