Jims Mobile JMI MicroFocus Dual Speed Focus Knob for SCT Telescopes is no longer available.

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Jims Mobile JMI MicroFocus Dual Speed Focus Knob for SCT Telescopes Item no longer available

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Item #JSMM049-1

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  • Simple to install
  • Available for many popular SCT telescopes
  • Coarse and Fine focusing adjustments
  • Numeric dial indicator
  • See description for details on selecting model type
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  • Description

    MicroFocus is a push-on two-speed manual focus mechanism that attaches to the shaft of an SCT focuser knob (or the knob itself) for precise focusing.  It includes separate knobs for coarse and fine adjustments with a numeric dial indicator for improved accuracy and repeatability.  Mounting is easy and requires no drilling or tapping.


    MicroFocus for Celestron C8

    Celestron early C5 (dual fork arm), C8, C8+, C8-S, C8-SGT, Classic 8, Celestar 8, CGE 800, G-8, Great Polaris C8, NexStar 8 GPS, Polaris C8, Powerstar 8, Super C8, Super C8+, Super Polaris C8, Ultima 8, Ultima 2000, Celestron C9¼-SGT XLT, CGE PRO 925 HD, CGEM 800 HD, CGEM 925 HD, CPC 800 GPS, CPC 925 GPS

    MicroFocus for Celestron 9¼" SCT

    Celestron C9¼-S, C9¼-SGT, CG-9¼, CGE 925, G-9¼, NexStar 9¼ GPS, Ultima 9¼

    MicroFocus for Celestron C11/C14

    Celestron C11, CG-11, CM-1100, Ultima 11, C14, CG-14, CM-1400, CM-1400GT

    MicroFocus for Celestron CGE 1400

    Celestron CGE 1400

    MicroFocus for Celestron CPC 1100

    Celestron CGE PRO 1100 HD, CGEM 1100 HD, CPC 1100 GPS

    MicroFocus for Celestron NexStar 11 GPS

    Celestron C11-SGT, CGE 1100, NexStar 11 GPS

    MicroFocus for Meade ETX-LS 6"

    Meade ETX-LS 6", LS-6, LS-8

    MicroFocus for Meade Cassegrain

    Meade 203SC, 2080 (8") and 2120 (10") Optical Tube (Basic, GEM, LX2, LX3, MTS), LX5, LX6, LX10, LX50, LX90, LX90-ACF, LX90GPS 8" / 10" / 12", LX100, LX200 (non-GPS versions), LXD55 SC-8, LXD75 SC-8, Premier

    MicroFocus for Meade LX200GPS

    Meade LX200-ACF 8" / 10" / 12" / 14", LX200GPS 7" Maksutov / 8" / 10" / 12" / 14" / (16" ?), LX200R 8" / 10" / 12" / 14"

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    Celestron C8


    Jims Mobile (JMI)

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