QHYCCD 367C Cooled Full Frame Color CMOS Camera - QHY367PRO-C

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  • The QHY367C Camera uses a front-illuminated full frame Sony IMX094, a huge 36.4 MP CMOS imaging sensor with 4.88 µm square pixels in a 7376 x 4938 array
  • Two-stage TEC cooling system regulated the temperature, while a fully sealed CMOS chamber helps prevent dew accumulation on the sensor
  • An AR+AR coated optical window assists in containing halos around bright stars
  • The QHY367C Color CMOS Camera features an integrated 128MB DDRII buffer for protection against unanticipated data transmission drops
  • No matter the length of the exposure, the QHY367C will have absolutely no amplifer glow
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  • Description

    QHY367C Cooled Color CMOS Camera


    The QHY367C Color Camera uses the big full frame Sony IMX094 as its image sensor. This front-illuminated 36.4 megapixel CMOS sensor has a 7376 x 4938 pixel array with a 4.88 µm x 4.88 µm pixel size. The IMX094 has good dynamic range (14+ stops), low readout noise, and a full well capacity of 56ke-.

    The QHY367C comes with a two-stage TEC cooling and temperature regulation system that can cool your camera down to as low as -40ºC below ambient. QHY has also incorporated anti-dew technology into the QHY367. The CMOS chamber is fully sealed and includes a silicon gel tube socket as well as a heater to help keep both your sensor and the sensor window dry, even on damp nights. Speaking of the sensor window, QHY offers an AR+AR coating on the QHY367C's optical window to help control halos around bright stars. This means an IR-Cut filter will need to be mounted in front of the camera. QHY supplies a 2" Filter Holder for this purpose. User supplies the 2" IR-Cut Filter.

    A built-in 128MB DDRII image buffer provides a safeguard against unexpected drops in data transmission. A frame buffer avoids lost frames during USB transfer by storing image data in the camera itself until it can be safely transmitted. Buffering will also make sure your video runs more smoothly when using a slower computer that cannot always handle high-speed data well.






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    What's Included

    • QHYCCD QHY367C Color CMOS Camera
    • USB 3.0 Cable
    • Self-Locking Power Cable
    • DC Power Adapter
    • Drying Tube
    • Desiccant
    • Angle Adjustment Adapter Ring
    • 5mm M54 to 2" Spacer
    • Driver Download Card
    • Inspection Report

  • Dimensions & Specifications

    • Imaging Camera Series: QHY Cooled Color
    • Sensor Model: Sony IMX194 CMOS
    • Sensor Dimensions: 36mm x 24mm Full Frame
    • Effective Pixels: 7376 x 4938 (36.4 MP)
    • Photosensitive Area: 36.0mm x 24.1mm
    • Pixel Size: 4.88 µm square
    • Full Well Capacity: 56ke-
    • Readout Type: Progressive Scan
    • Shutter: Electric Rolling
    • Minimum Exposure Time: 60 µs
    • Maximum Exposure Time: 3600 sec
    • Max Frame Rate (for both 8bit and 14bit): 3.2 fps @ full resolution
    • Pixel Binning: 1x1
    • ADC: 14-Bit
    • Readout Noise: 3.2e@Low gain; 2.4e@unity gain
    • Maximum Dynamic Range: More than 17000. >14 STOPs
    • Mechanical Interface: M54x0.75 female thread
    • Electric Interface: USB 3.0; 12V DC power socket with lock (2.1mm)
    • Optic Window Heater: Yes
    • Cooling: Two-stage TEC to -35ºC below ambient
    • Optic Glass Window: AR+AR clear glass
    • Silicon Gel Socket: Yes
    • Power Consumption: About 30 watts with 100% TEC. 13 watts with 50% TEC.
    • Camera Weight: 1.74 lb.


    QHY367C Manual
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