Sky-Watcher EvoView Pro 80ED Refractor and AllView Multi-Function Alt-Az Mount - S20160

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  • The Sky Watcher Evostar ProED 80 and AllView Multi-Function alt-azimuth mount are the perfect pairing
  • A combination of high quality Schott glass and Fluorite result in high contrast, true color images
  • 80mm, f/7.5 ED refractor is perfect for astronomy, terrestrial viewing, or photography
  • Capture panorama or time-lapsed images of the Milky Way or the Grand Canyon
  • 42,000 object database and SynScan controller for fully computerized functionality
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  • Description

    Enjoy beautiful views of the Universe and the functionality of a computerized, easy-to-use mount with the Sky-Watcher 80mm EvoView ProED refractor and AllView Multi-Function Alt-Azimuth Mount.

    Schott BK-7 and FPL-53 glass for gorgeous, true-color images

    The Skywatcher EvoView ProED 80mm APO Refractor is one sweet telescope, whether your passion is visual astronomy or astrophotography. The superb optics, high end metallic high transmission lens coatings, and individual inspection of every lens used in Sky-Watcher Evostar ProED telescopes assures you of spectacular results.

    Schott AG has been manufacturing specialty glass products since 1884, and is recognized as one of the world leaders in precision glass products. Sky-Watcher wanted the best for their ProED telescopes, and so Schott glass is used for the front crown element in their apochromatic-quality two element ED lens. The second lens element is created from the mineral Fluorite, or CaF2. This exotic material has superior dispersion characteristics in comparison to more ordinary silica-based glass, and it also does a good job of correcting for spherical aberrations.

    Each air-to-glass lens surface is coated with Sky-Watcher’s proprietary Metallic High-Transmission Coatings, or MHC. These exotic coatings ensure maximum light transmission and are considered one of the best photon anti-rejection coatings in their class.

    80mm f/7.5 ProEd Refractor - Great for daytime, nighttime...anytime!

    The combination of Schott glass, Fluorite, and MHC coatings results in a telescope with true apochromatic characteristics in a two element design. You will enjoy ultra high contrast and sharp, true color images, whether you are using this scope for terrestrial viewing during the day, astronomy at night, or photography any time!

    With over 3” of aperture and a focal ratio of f/7.5, the SW ProED 80 is portable as well. It weighs about twelve and a half pounds and is just under two feet long. That means this telescope can accompany you on eclipse trips or to dark sky observing sites, and it can be set up easily without strain on your back.

    Quality accessories include two Long Eye Relief eyepieces, a dielectric 2" diagonal, and more

    The Sky-Watcher ProED 80mm APO refractor comes with components and accessories that will support high-quality observations. The focuser is a precision dual-speed 2” Crayford-style model that includes a 2” to 1.25” adapter. This focuser is ultra-smooth and does not produce backlash. You can choose from two focus speeds—fine and ultra fine—which will allow you to accurately focus your camera or eyepiece. Other accessories include aluminum tube rings with a quick-release mechanism, an 8x50 right angle finderscope and bracket, a 2” dielectric diagonal, two Long Eye Relief eyepieces, and a foam-lined carry case that will easily hold the optical tube and accessories for travel and storage.

    Super versatile Sky-Watcher AllView mount - perfect for visual and photographic use

    The Sky-Watcher AllView Multi-Function Mount is a great choice whether you want an easy-to-use computerized GoTo mount for visual observations or you prefer to take panoramic or time-lapse images through your DSLR camera. The AllView mount has a database of almost 43,000 objects, enough to keep you busy for some time to come, but unlike other computerized mounts, it has a panoramic and time lapse feature that lets you take amazing, wide field photos of any subject.

    The AllView Alt-Az Mount is fully computerized, and can be used with a variety of telescopes, cameras, or camcorders. With this truly multi-function mount, you can take full 360-degree panoramas with a DSLR camera, or even with most smaller point-and-shoot cameras due to the AllView’s motorized panning head. An electronic shutter release is built-in, and will automatically trigger your DSLR when shooting panoramas or time-lapse images. A Canon Rebel shutter release cable is provided in this package. Cables are also available separately for other cameras.

    42,000 celestial objects in the AllView computerized database

    When you attach the Sky-Watcher ProED 80 to the AllView Alt-Az mount and perform a quick alignment procedure, you will have access to 42,000 celestial objects in the mount’s database. An easy to use computerized hand controller will send you off to the object of your choice, allow you to center and track the objects in your eyepiece, or set up panorama or time-lapse images when you want to do photography with the Sky-Watcher All-View Multi-Function Mount.

    The AllView can be powered by ten AA batteries that are conveniently stored in the mount. This is perfect for times when you are out in the field and don’t want cords or power supplies getting in the way. An adjustable tripod with steel legs will hold your AllView mount steady. An accessory tray keeps your eyepieces and other small accessories nearby for easy access.


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    What's Included

    • Sky-Watcher ProED 80mm OTA
    • Dual-speed 2" Crayford-type focuser
    • 2” to 1.25” Adapter
    • 8x50 erect-image finderscope
    • 2" dielectric diagonal
    • 20 mm 1.25" eyepiece
    • 5 mm 1.25" eyepiece
    • Tube-ring attachment hardware
    • Foam lined aluminum carry and storage case
    • Sky-Watcher AllView Alt-Az Mount
    • Vixen-style dovetail plate
    • SynScan hand controller
    • 1/4-20 thread L-bracket
    • Tripod
    • Spreader bar with Accessory tray
    • Canon Rebel shutter release cable

  • Dimensions & Specifications

    Telescope Optical Design:

    Apochromatic Refractor

    Focal Length:


    Focal Ratio:


    Lens Elements:


    Lens Glass:

    FPL-53 ED and Schott BK-7


    2 inch dual-speed Crayford style


    5mm and 20mm 1.25”


    8x50 right angle, correct image

    Tube Length:

    23.8 inches

    Tube Diameter:

    4.56 inches

    Tube Weight:

    7.3 lb.

    Mount Type:

    Motorized Alt-Az


    Adjustable height, steel legs

    Accessory Tray:


    Power Requirements:

    8 to 16 VDC, 1A, tip positive

    Motor Drive:

    DC Servo

    Slew Speeds:

    1000X, 800X, 600X, 400X, 200X, 32X, 16X, 8X, 2X, 1X

    Tracking Rates:

    Sidereal, Lunar, Solar

    Tracking Modes:

    Dual Axis


    Brightest Star Alignment, Two-Star Alignment

    Computer Controller:

    SynScan hand controller, flash upgradeable


    42,900 objects, including 25 user defined objects

    Camera Adaptable:

    1/4-20 thread L-bracket included

    Dovetail Compatibility:


    Mount Weight:

    21 lb.

    Payload Capacity:

    9 lb.

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