ZWO ASI174MM Mini Monochrome Astronomy Camera - ASI174MINI

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  • The ZWO ASI174 Mini Astronomy Camera incorporates a 1/1.2" Sony IMX174 monochrome sensor with a pixel size of 5.8 µm in a 1936 x 1216 array
  • Delivers superb planetary imaging and guiding performance
  • Compared to the ASI174MM, the ASI174MM Mini is much lighter and smaller, and is able to reach focus at the same position as the eyepiece
  • A nearly 80% QE peak allows the ASI174 Mini to identify a larger number of faint stars
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  • Description

    ZWO ASI174MM Mini Monochrome Imaging Camera

    The ZWO ASI174 MINI offers excellent performance for both planetary imaging and guiding. Highlights include low read noise, high dynamic range, QE peak of 77%, AR protective window, and a lot more. This camera incorporates the Sony IMX174LLJ/IMX174LQJ 1/1.2" sensor (11.3mm x 7.1mm). Contains 1936 x 1216 pixels with a pixel size of 5.86 µm x 5.86 µm. The ASI174 Mini provides 12-Bit ADC and a 77% QE peak.

    ASI174 Mini vs. ASI174MM

    When compared to the ASI174MM, the ASI174 Mini is lighter, more compact, and can achieve focus at the same position as the eyepiece.

    USB 2.0 and ST4 Ports

    ZWO Mini cameras feature one USB2.0 type C port. Type C ports are optimally suited for mobile phones as the positive and negative sides of the adapter are not important. The ST4 port connects the ASI174 Mini directly to a mount's autoguiding port.

    High Sensitivity

    When designing the ASI174 Mini, ZWO considered sensitivity to be of utmost importance. Being able to look for a guide star is essential. So when they were first starting out, ZWO thought to use a monochrome sensor to design their guide camera since mono sensors have much higher sensitivity when compared with color sensors. ZWO ultimately decided to go with the 290 and 174 monochrome sensors which have a QE peak of approximately 80%, detecting a larger number of stars in view. In addition, guiding shortens exposure time.

    Large FOV Guiding

    Designed for big FOV guiding, the ASI174 Mini serves as a useful OAG for locating a guide star. When using an OAG in conjunction with an RC or SCT, the most difficult part is searching for a guide star. The ASI174 Mini features a large 1/1.2" sensor for a 4x bigger FOV than 120mm.


    Main image depicts the ASI174 Mini Camera from two different angles. This product is for one camera only.


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    What's Included

    • ZWO ASI174MM Mini Monochrome CMOS Imaging Camera
    • 1.25" Cover
    • 1.25" Extender
    • 0.5 m USB 2.0 Cable
    • 2 m USB 2.0 Cable
    • ST4 Cable
    • M28.5-CS Adapter
    • Quick Guide

  • Dimensions & Specifications

    • Sensor: Sony 1/1.2″ CMOS IMX174LLJ/IMX174LQJ
    • Resolution: 2.3 MP (1936 x 1216)
    • Pixel Size: 5.86 µm
    • Minimum Exposure: 32 µs
    • Maximum Exposure: 300 s
    • ROI: Supported
    • Interface: USB 2.0
    • Bit Rate: 12bit output (12bit ADC)
    • Adapter: 1.25" M28.5x0.6
    • Dimensions: 36mm x 61mm
    • Weight: 140 g (4.9 oz.)
    • Working Temperature: -5ºC - 45ºC
    • Storage Temperature: -20ºC - 60ºC
    • Working Relative Humidity: 20% - 80%
    • Storage Relative Humidity: 20% - 95%

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