ZWO ASI174MM USB 3.0 Monochrome CMOS Imaging Camera - ASI174MM

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  • When it comes to innovative performance, the ZWO ASI174 Monochrome CMOS Imaging Camera follows in the footsteps of the ASI120MM-S with a high speed USB 3.0 port, ST4 guide port, 1/4" tripod thread mount, AR window, and more
  • Incorporates a 1/1.2" IMX174 CMOS monochrome imaging sensor from Sony that features a 1936 x 1216 array of 5.86 µm x 5.86 µm pixels
  • As a Sony trademark Exmor sensor, the IMX174 offers high functionality with guaranteed high speed processing, low noise, and low power dissipation
  • This ZWO ASI174 Monochrome Imaging Camera is optimally suited for high quality lunar, solar, planetary, and even deep sky imaging
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  • Description

    ZWO ASI174MM Monochrome CMOS Imaging Camera

    ZWO's ASI174MM Monochrome is a CMOS Camera that follows the footsteps of the ASI120MM-S when it comes to cutting-edge functionality like a standard 2” interface with M42 x 0.75 internal threads, an ST4 guide port, a high-speed USB 3.0 port, a 1/4” tripod thread mount on the back, and an AR window. However, the ZWO ASI174 camera has one important difference, and that is the inclusion of a Sony IMX174 monochrome CMOS sensor. This image sensor has a lot going for it when it comes to high quality solar, lunar, planetary, and deep sky imaging.

    Sony IMX174 CMOS Sensor Features

    • 1/1.2” CMOS: The Sony IMX174 is a 13.4mm (Type 1/1.2) CMOS image sensor with 2.35 MP effective pixels in a 1936 x 1216 array. Pixel size is 5.86 µm x 5.86 µm.
    • Pregius Global Shutter: The development of a new pixel with analog memory allows for all pixels to be scanned at once. This global shutter function on the Sony IMX174 sensor means images taken of moving objects will not suffer from focal plane distortion, resulting in high picture quality. This is a really nice feature, especially when you are doing lunar or solar imaging. Bad seeing, wind, or movement can distort the image if the readout speed is not fast enough (<30fps).
    • Exmor High-Performance: Exmor is a Sony trademark, and that label means the CMOS image sensor is considered a high-performance model, with high-speed processing, low noise, and low power dissipation by using column-parallel A/D conversion.
    • High QE, Low Noise: As a general rule, we should be aiming for high QE and low noise. The peak quantum efficiency (QE) for the ZWO AI174 camera is 78%. The QE curve is slightly higher in B & G than the ASI120, and slightly lower is R and IR. Oh, the read noise? It measures out at only 6e-!
    • High Frame Rate: At full resolution, the Sony IMX174 sensor operates at 128.2 frames per second at 12 bit ADC and 164.5 frames per second at 10 bit ADC.
    • ROI Mode: Achieve an even higher frame rate with ROI (Region of Interest) mode. This mode allows you to set a maximum of 16 areas for capture inside the effective pixels area.
    • Everything you will need to control your ZWO camera is available and easily downloadable in one centralized location on the ZWO website. Click here for ZWO Software Downloads.

    Please Note: This camera works with Windows 8.1 as long as you have the recommended driver installed (available on the ZWO website at zwoptical.com).


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    What's Included

    • ZWO ASI174MM USB 3.0 CMOS Monochrome Astronomy Camera
    • 1.25" Nosepiece
    • 1.25" Cover
    • USB 3.0 Cable
    • ST4 Cable
    • Quick Guide

  • Dimensions & Specifications

    • Sensor: Sony 1/1.2” monochrome CMOS
    • Resolution: 2.3 MP
    • Image Array: 1936 x 1216
    • Pixel Size: 5.86 µm square
    • Max Frame Rate at Full Resolution: 164 FPS
    • Max Frame Rate at 640 x 480: 397 FPS
    • Window: AR
    • Guide Port: ST4
    • Shutter: Global
    • Minimum Exposure: 32 µs
    • Maximum Exposure: 1000 seconds
    • Peak QE: 78%
    • Read Noise Low Speed: 6e
    • Read Noise High Speed: 15e
    • Saturation Capacity: 32K
    • Dynamic Range: 72dB
    • Gain: 8 e-/ADU low speed; 32 e-/ADU high speed
    • Interface: USB 3.0/USB 2.0
    • Bit Rate: 12bit output (12-bit ADC)
    • Adapter: 2” to 1.25”/M42x0.75
    • Dimensions: 62mm x 41mm
    • Weight: 140 g (4.9 oz.)
    • Working Temperature: -5ºC - 45ºC
    • Working Relative Humidity: 20% - 80%

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