Meade #126 2x Short-Focus Barlow Lens 1.25 Inch for ETX Model Telescopes

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  • Doubles the power of your eyepiece!
  • Compatible with most 1.25 Inch eyepieces
  • Extremely short size (2.5")
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    Double your power!
    An amplifying lens, the Meade multi-coated #126, 2X Barlow enhances the "power" of all eyepieces with which it is used. It's intended for astronomical applications, and it doubles the magnification of any eyepiece that it is connected to.
    For example, the Meade ETX 90/105/125 telescope comes with a 26mm (48x in the ETX 90). The 2X Barlow lens attaches directly to the eyepiece and double its magnification, changing the "power" of the 26mm from 48X to 96X.
    A Barlow lens is a great way to double your eyepiece collection - instantly. It's a highly recommended accessory.

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Customer Q&A

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  • Q1: Hi, i had a question regarding the barlow lens and better magnification, recently i observed saturn in my etx90(26 mm eyepiece) with a 2x barlow and it seemed really tiny still, does this mean i need to buy a smaller diameter eyepiece now?? and if i do can i still use the same barlow or do i need to buy another one...also for instance with a 8 mm eyepiece with a barlow would probably exceed my 250x max magnification on my scope, so does it mean that its not going to get any better or worse??

    A: Actually it is not the magnification that will make the object bigger. What makes the object appear larger and brighter is the diameter of your telescope the bigge the better. All the magnification will really do is make it appear closer.

  • Q2: Is the \#126 2x Short-Focus Barlow Lens 1.25 Inch compatible withe the DS-2130ATS 127mm telescope if not are there any Barlow lenses that are?"

    A: It is compatible with any telescope that accepts 1.25\ eyepieces."

  • Q3: Is there an Apochromatic Barlow lens that works with the ETX 90EC?

    A: Yes you will need the #140 2X Apochromatic Barlow Lens 1.25\" 2007-08-24 09:30:42"

  • Q4: What is the difference between the #126 Short Focus Barlow Lens and the #127 Variable Barlow Lens, and which is better for a DS 2080AT telescope?

    A: The #126 Barlow has a special short focus to meet the needs of ETX telescopes and prevent vignetting with their narrow light cones. The #127 variable Barlow offers a continuously variable power-multiplying effect from 2X to 3X. The #127 will do better with the DS-2080 than the #126, which cannot be used on the DS-2080.

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