Meade #506 AstroFinder Software and Cable Connector Kit for ETX 70/80AT and DS2000 Series Telescopes

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  • $39.99
  • For AutoStar-equipped, ETX, or DS telescopes
  • Allows scope to be controlled remotely from PC or laptop
  • Features automatic slewing for easy locating
  • Includes 6-foot cable connector
  • DB-9 Serial Adapter for PC or laptop connection
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  • Description

    No more confusion! Finding stars and other celestial objects is easier than ever before.

    The Meade #506 AstroFinder Software/Connector Cable Kit allows you to control your telescope from a PC. Load the AstroFinder software into your computer, and your #494 AutoStar equipped, ETX or DS telescope can be remotely controlled from the PC's display. Then simply point and click your way to any object shown on the computer screen, and the telescope will automatically slew around and place the object in your field of view. Truly, star-finding has never been so easy or rewarding.

    Kit Includes

    • #506 Software
    • 6-Foot Connector Cable
    • DB-9 Serial Adapter for connection to a PC or laptop

    This kit will work with telescopes that use the #494 AutoStar Controller such as the Meade ETX70, ETX80 and DS Series telescopes.  Compatible with Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, and 7


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Customer Q&A

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  • Q1: Can the AstroFinder software cable kit for ETX 70AT be used with the ETX 60AT I just bought?

    A: Yes you can use the #506 with the ETX-60

  • Q2: Hello. I would like to know what exactly is included with the #506 AstroFinder Software and Cable Connector Kit for the ETX 70 and whether or not I will need to order anything else to make a full connection from my computer to the telescope. Thank you.

    A: The #506 astrofinder software comes with everything you need to make connection to your computer. It includes the popular Meade software and a RS232 cable to connect to your computer.

  • Q3: Hi, just to ask if I can use the - Meade #506 AstroFinder Software and Cable Connector Kit for ETX 70/80AT and DS2000 Series - On the Meade ETX-88BB ?

    A: Yes, the #506 will work with the ETX-80 BB.

  • Q4: I got a Meade 114 at that I got off of Ebay, I just ordered it a few days ago and I am new at all of this and I didn't want to put to much into this because its for my son more than me but the more I keep reading the more I think I might like it just as much but anyway back to the question will the #506 cable work with my scope it has the Autostar 494. also can i update the software with it to? and one more thing, I also saw that you also got a Meade Lunar Planetary Imager (LPI) w/AutoStar Suite. Will this also work with my telescope and how well will it work?

    A: We're glad you're enjoying your new telescope. Astronomy is a great hobby! The #506 cable kit and AutoStar Suite software will work just fine with your DS2114. Updates for AutoStar Suite are available on the Downloads page of the Meade web site.

  • Q5: I have a Meade DS80 3.1" Refractor Telescope with a #493 Autostar controller. My laptop has both RS232 and USB 1.0 connections. I am confused about which cable kit to buy. I purchased a #505 and could not make it work so I returned it. Also is there a way to tell for sure which Autostar I have, the documentation seems very generic however I have read that my scope should have come with a #493?

    A: The best way to tell for certain would be to contact Meade with the model number of your scope. If you do in fact have the #493 hand controller the cable connecter kits will not work they are designed to work with the #495 & #497 autostar controllers.

  • Q6: I just purchased a Meade DS2130AT scope and would like to add the Meade Autostar Suite/LPI kit to the scope. Do I need to order the #506 Astrofinder Software and Cable Kit in addition to The Autostar Suite/LPI kit?

    A: Cables are included with the Autostar Suite for linking the PC to the "RS232" port on these telescopes so that the software can make corrections to the telescope as the LPI tracks on a star.

  • Q7: I purchased a Meade DS2000 TELESCOPE and would like to add the Meade Autostar Suite/LPI kit to the scope. I have the autostar #474 is it possible to use the Astrofinder Software and Cable Kit in addition to The Autostar ? my telescope control panel has hux and aux ports.

    A: Yes.  The Astrofinder software and cable kit is compatible with the autostar LPI kit we have right now.   The LPI fits into where the eyepiece is and the astrofinder will plug right into the aux port.

  • Q8: Is there anything that can transfer the object on to the pc screen so everyone can see it without accidently moving my telescope or taking it out of site when they bump it?

    A: The Zhumell Digital Eyepiece will do just that. It will display what the telescope \sees\" on a PC or laptop screen and even record live video. Here's the URL; just paste it into your browser's address window:"

  • Q9: My laptop has only the USB port. Without the RS232 how can I connect the Astrofinder connector?

    A: If your laptop has only a USB port, you'll need the RS232-to-USB Bridge Cable to make the connection. Here's the URL; just paste it into your browser's address window:

  • Q10: What is the difference between #506 AstroFinder Software and Cable Connector Kit and #505 AstroFinder Software and Cable Connector Kit? I have DS-2130 with #494 Autostar handbox and Deep Sky Imager that came with #505 connector cable set. Can I use this #505 cable set?

    A: The Meade #505 and #506 connector cable kit are for the different versions of Meade Hand controllers you will need the #506 connector kit as that is the one which is compatible with the DS-2130.

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