Tele Vue Nagler Type 4 Telescope Eyepieces

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  • Nagler Type 4 eyepieces offer true Tele Vue quality in a choice of three focal lengths
  • 12mm, 17mm, and 22mm
  • Type 4 eyepieces have innovative click-stop instajust eye cups
  • 100% full field visual inspection on every TeleVue eyepiece
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  • Description

    Tele Vue Nagler Type 4 eyepieces include 12mm, 17mm and 22mm focal lengths.  Besides their superb optics and lovely 82 degree apparent field of view, the Type 4's come with an innovative "instajust" click-stop eye guard.  Regardless of the Type, Tele Vue Nagler eyepieces are a run-away favorite with amateur astronomers all over the world. With their eye-opening field of view, great eye relief, and amazingly sharp optics, it is no wonder that Al Nagler's "Space Walk" eyepieces are some of the most coveted telescope accessories of all time.

    To see the relative size difference between a 50 degree and an 82 degree eyepiece, lay a penny and a half dollar down on the table side by side. The difference is huge—the half dollar has almost three times the area of the penny! Al Nagler wanted to give his customers an experience that would be similar to looking at an object with the naked eye—except with lots more magnification!— and the 82 degree Nagler’s definitely hit the mark. After awhile, you will forget that you’re looking through an eyepiece at all, and you’ll feel fully immersed in the experience.

    All Nagler eyepieces have blackened lens edges, anti-reflection threads and rubber eye guards for maximum contrast. Innovative features, such as adapter skirts for 2” focusers on larger 1.25” models and rubber grip rings were invented by Tele Vue. Even the 2” to 1-1/4” barrel models have an additional feature allowing the addition of a 2” extension tube (EBX-2120), which permits the use of 2" and 1.25” filters. A 100% full field visual inspection on Tele Vue’s flat-field test instruments guarantees the performance of every Nagler eyepiece.

    Type 4 Nagler Eyepieces

    Tele Vue Nagler Type 4 Eyepieces are designed with all of the features savvy amateur astronomers have come to expect over the years, including that “Space Walk” 82 degree apparent field of view and quality optics that reveal super sharp, high contrast images. The Type 4 Nagler’s have about 18mm of eye relief, which makes them very comfortable to view through, whether you wear eyeglasses or not.

    The unique “Instadjust” eye guard housing on all Type 4 Nagler eyepieces allows maximum eye relief for eyeglass wearers in the down position. Pulling the housing up will permit click-stop setting of the eye guard height, allowing for an ideal match between the pupils of your eye and telescope. With this much eye relief available, it is important to learn your own optimum “click stop” position.

    If you don’t wear eyeglasses, start with the eyeguard housing pulled out all the way. You can fold the soft rubber eyeguard up or down, whichever is most comfortable for you. You may not see the full field with the eyeguard housing fully extended; just keep “clicking down” until you find the most comfortable position where you still see the entire field. You will also find that this system minimizes extraneous outside light, giving you the highest contrast when viewing faint objects. The generous eye relief also minimizes eye lens fogging due to eye moisture in cold weather.

     Type 4 Nagler eyepieces are also Dioptrx compatible, allowing you to correct for near- or far-sightedness with this unique diopter system. 

    12mm Type 4 Nagler

    Model: EN4-12.0
    Focal Length: 12mm
    Barrel Size: 2” and 1.25”
    Apparent Field of View: 82 degrees
    Eye Relief: 17mm
    Weight: 1.01 lb.
    Field Stop: 17.1mm
    Dioptrx Compatible: Yes

    17mm Type 4 Nagler

    Model: EN4-17.0
    Focal Length: 17mm
    Barrel Size: 2”
    Apparent Field of View: 82 degrees
    Eye Relief: 17mm
    Weight: 1.60 lb.
    Field Stop: 24.3mm
    Dioptrx Compatible: Yes

    22mm Type 4 Nagler

    Model: EN4-22.0
    Focal Length: 22mm
    Barrel Size: 2”
    Apparent Field of View: 82 degrees
    Eye Relief: 19mm
    Weight: 1.50 lb.
    Field Stop: 31.1mm
    Dioptrx Compatible: Yes

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