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Quick Tips for Telescope Accessories

  1. Telescope accessories will help you get the most out of your telescope and protect your investment so you can enjoy it for a lifetime.
  2. Experienced telescope users know that dew can put a damper on an otherwise great night of observation. Dew shields and dew heaters stop dew before it starts to make way for clear skies.
  3. Eyepiece filters are invaluable telescope accessories. They work to increase contrast and resolution, and reduce glare and eye fatigue. A wide variety of colored filters will expand the range of your telescope.
  4. A telescope mount is another essential accessory. Its purpose is twofold: to support your telescope for undisturbed viewing, and to provide a system for smooth, controlled movements.
  5. We want you to get the most out of your telescope. That's why our selection of telescope accessories includes hundreds of products such as protective cases, focusers, lights and lasers, photographic accessories, adapters, counterweights, and much more.